Platform Privilege

Terms and Conditions


  1. As a valuable registered user of Levensloop LEAP (the “platform”), you have the facility of purchasing a wide range of products and availing services from sellers or service providers, respectively (the “offerings”) that are empanelled on the platform (the “platform partners”).
  1. These offerings shall be made available to you at preferred rates/offers by the platform partners, at such rates that the platform partner determines at their sole discretion. The platform neither offers for sale, sells, endorses, or in any other manner whatsoever participates in the offerings, nor is a party to any transaction between you and the platform partner.
  1. The platform shall not be responsible for any goods or services that you purchase or receive from the platform partner, for the fulfilment of any special rates/offers displayed or advertised, or for any act of the platform partner. The platform shall not be involved in any dispute between you and the platform partner, including, without limitation, any issues in quality, delay, negligence, deficiency in service, misrepresentations etc. The allowance of any special rates/offers is the sole responsibility of the platform partner and may be subject to additional terms and conditions.
  1. The platform may delist any of the platform partners at any time with or without reason. Any platform partner may withdraw (temporarily or permanently) any of the offerings at any time and/or the rates/offers assigned to them.
  1. Eligibility: To avail of the offerings at a preferred rate/offer, you must be a continued member of the platform in adherence with any terms and conditions of the platform, subject to any other terms and conditions as the platform partner may deem fit to describe. In all events, the platform partner’s decision to provide the offers and the offerings at a preferred rate shall be at their own discretion.
  1. In the event of any discrepancy or conflict between these Platform Privileges Terms and Conditions, and the Terms of Use made available on (as amended from time to time), these Platform Privileges Terms and Conditions shall prevail solely on the matters contained herein. The Terms of Use shall prevail on all other matters.

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