Forge Your Path

Forge Your Path

for Career Mastery with IIM-Visakhapatnam.

Starts on : 14 Apr 2024
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Duration : 1 Year
Live Online Weekend Classes

Programme Fee : INR 189,000/-
Exclusive of 18% GST 

Eligibility : Diploma/Graduate/Masters
with 3 years of industry experience

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Programme Overview

Programme Overview

from IIM-V Programme Director

Program Director

Prof. M S Jawed 
Associate Professor (F&A), IIM Visakhapatnam

This is a Post Graduate Certification Programme, meticulously designed to not only reinforce traditional finance concepts but also introduce you to the innovative realms of modern finance and technology. This comprehensive program will rejuvenate your understanding of core financial principles while navigating you through the complexities of ESG, climate risk assessments, and startup valuations, ensuring a robust grasp of both foundational and cutting-edge topics in the BFSI sector.

We delve into the world of Banking 4.0, exploring critical issues like cybersecurity, data privacy, and management challenges, while reinforcing strategic decision-making through data analytics tools such as R. The program also highlights behavioral finance, AI, ML, and FinTech (Writing blockchain contracts), fortifying your skillset for ethical and strategic leadership.

In essence, the Accelerated Management Programme for Banking & Finance Executives at IIM Visakhapatnam is far more than a typical executive education course—it is an invitation to rise into the esteemed echelons of global financial leadership.

Join us on this transformative journey at IIM Visakhapatnam. Here, we don’t just revisit fundamental finance principles; we empower you to be a part of the future that is reshaping the global BFSI landscape.


Accelerated Management Programme for Banking & Finance Executives 

1 Year  |  Live Online   |  Campus Immersion

*Note – Top 5 Participants will get an opportunity to work on a Case with the esteemed Faculty of IIM-V.

Participation in Such real life projects, in direct guidance of the esteemed faculty has a very high value in the Job Market.

And can be proven a thrust to accelerate the career growth with competitive advantage.



from IIM-V Programme Co-Director

Program Co-Director

Prof. Kaveri Krishnan
Assistant Professor, IIM Visakhapatnam

It is with great enthusiasm and anticipation that I welcome you to the Accelerated Management Programme for Banking & Finance Executives. This program has been designed to meet the evolving needs of professionals in the dynamic realm of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI). The industry requires leaders who can navigate complexity, embrace innovation, and contribute to sustainable growth, and this program blends core financial principles with strategic leadership and technological acumen.

Our distinguished faculty brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, ensuring that participants are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I encourage you to engage fully with the program, take advantage of networking opportunities, and immerse yourself in hands-on learning experiences. The Capstone Project, designed to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, will be a highlight of your journey.

I believe that the program will not only enhance your technical expertise but also cultivate the leadership skills necessary to drive innovation and success in the BFSI sector. I look forward to witnessing your growth and accomplishments throughout the program.

Who is this

Who is this

Programme for ?

For Emerging Finance and Technology Professionals

Embark on a transformative journey that hones your leadership skills and deepens your financial expertise. Our program equips you with advanced risk management strategies, cybersecurity know-how, ESG and Climate risk concerns, and data analytics proficiency using R, reinforcing your foundation in finance to thrive in the era of Banking 4.0 and beyond.

For Progressive Leaders in the Dynamic Financial Landscape

Revitalize your financial breadth with our forward-thinking program that blends fundamental finance with the latest in FinTech. Tackle real-world challenges with strategic risk management, understand the nuances of startup valuation, and navigate through the complexities of cybersecurity, ensuring you lead with innovation and ethical acumen in the competitive BFSI sector.

For Early-Career
BFSI Aspirants

Start your BFSI journey with a strong foundation in finance, learning key concepts like investment valuation, derivatives, and ESG. Our program is tailored to equip you with essential financial knowledge and skills, while introducing you to forward looking concepts like FinTech, ESG, Banking 4.0, Startups Financing, among others, for a thriving career in the BFSI sector.

For IT/ITES Professionals Transitioning to BFSI

Transition seamlessly into BFSI with a program that enhances your technical background with financial expertise. Dive into investment analysis, green finance, and digital banking strategies, leveraging your technical skills for data-driven decision-making in the dynamic world of finance.


Programme Details

It's a post graduation programme by IIM Vishakhapatanam

  • Course Start Date  - April 14, 2024

  • Course End Date  - March 31st, 2025

  • Program Duration - 1 Year
  • Course Format - Live Online Classes
  • Class Schedule -  Upto 3.5 hrs over the Weekends

  • No. of Modules - 6 + 1 Major Capstone Projects

  • One Campus Immersion - 2 Days  for in-person learning & peer interactions (optional with additional fee)
  • Executive Alumni status of IIM-V (optional with additional fee)
  • Top 5 Participants will get an opportunity to work on a live Case with the esteemed Faculty of IIM-V
  • Learn from Top Faculty of IIM-V
  • Case Studies & Strategy Games
  • Mostly module-wise assessments, on virtual proctored LMS 

You can apply for the programme if you fulfill the below requirements

  1. If you have completed Diploma (10+2+3) or Graduate (10+2+3) and or Any Post Graduate degree from any recognized University in any discipline.
  2. If you have a minimum of 3 years of industry experience. 

6 modules & 1 Major Capstone project will be covered in this programme during 1 year, here is the detail -

  1. Fundamentals of Finance and Economics for BFSI Professionals :

    This Module is covering essential topics like statistics, corporate finance, and macroeconomics. Gain crucial insights to excel in the dynamic BFSI sector. Elevate your expertise with our focused learning experiences.

  2. Investment and Capital Markets : Explore Corporate Valuation, Project Finance, and Portfolio Management. Master Fixed Income Securities, Financial Derivatives, and Personal Finance. Elevate your proficiency in dynamic financial decision-making with our practical approach.

  3. Modern Banking & Investment Strategies: Risk, Innovation, and Sustainability : Explore Banking 4.0, Financial Risk Management, FinTech, and Startup Finance. Uncover Sustainable Finance and ESG Strategies for a comprehensive view of Investment Banking dynamics. Equip yourself to navigate the modern financial landscape successfully.

  4. Navigating Digital Transformations and Data-Driven Strategies in BFSI Sector : Master open-source data analytics, delve into Quantitative Finance and Big Data, navigate Actuarial Analytics, enhance Financial Analytics, and ensure Cybersecurity. Stay ahead in data-driven BFSI with our practical approach.

  5. Integrated Marketing and Sales Management for BFSI : Immerse in BFSI marketing with "Integrated Marketing and Sales Management." Explore strategy, customer relations, B2B marketing, pricing, and regulations. Gain industry-relevant knowledge for financial services success.

  6. Important Management methods and tools for BFSI professionals : Delve into Strategic Operations, Competitive Dynamics, and Leadership. Tackle ethical challenges, elevating your management acumen for success in the dynamic financial services sector.

  7. 1 Major Capstone Projects (Final Submissions) : Complete your academic journey with impactful project submissions, applying theory to real challenges and bridging academia with the professional sphere. Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

Assessments will be mostly module-wise, online on virtual proctored LMS.

Yes ! The programme fee you can pay in 3 easy installments, and we also provide you loan assistance. The programme fee -

  • Programme Fee - Rs.189,000/- + 18% GST
  • 2 days Campus Immersion Fee - Rs.15,000/- + 18% GST (Optional)
  • IIM-V Executive Alumni Status -  Rs.10,000/- + 18% GST (Optional)Fee can be paid in 3 easy installments. 

If you meet the required eligibility criteria you can apply for this programme. Selection will be in below 4 steps -

  1. Submit Application  : Submit the completed application form  (Pay Non Refundable Application Fee Rs.1,750 + 18% GST only.) with all relevant enclosures/  attachments
  2. Screening by IIM-V : IIM Visakhapatnam will review applications and shortlist the candidates
  3. Shortlisting : All shortlisted candidates will be emailed the offer Letter.
  4. Admission : Block your seat by paying the booking amount

Our team of experts will help you complete the each step carefully, book a meeting now.


Learning is inevitable

Learning is inevitable

for everyone to grow

From Finance Professionals to Business Leaders

A vital bridge between technical expertise to Leadership proficiency in the dynamic world of Banking and Finance enables professionals to progress from Functional Roles to Leadership positions in BFSI and Fintech businesses.

It's for you

It's for you

if you are a >

Take Action Now !

Take Action Now !

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of the Programme

  • Delve deep into the fundamentals of traditional finance while staying updated on the latest trends.
  • Acquire strategic expertise in BFSI marketing and essential management tools.
  • Enhance career opportunities in Banking, Finance, and Fintech with an esteemed PG Certificate from IIM Visakhapatnam.
  • Engage in two practical capstone projects to apply theoretical learning effectively.
  • Immerse yourself in campus life at the prestigious GRIHA-5 IIMV campus.
  • Benefit from a diverse mix of industry and academia facilitators and speakers, providing a comprehensive range of insights and perspectives.

Learning Outcomes of the Programme :

  • Driving financial decisions with value-creation strategies to optimize profitability and enhance shareholder value
  • Transforming digital finance for deeper insights, streamlined processes, and increased efficiency
  • Maximizing value by proactively identifying and leveraging key business drivers such as market trends, customer demands, and competitive advantages
  • Mitigating risk through skillful navigation of capital markets, implementing effective risk management strategies, and staying ahead of regulatory changes
  • Grounding operations in robust financial criteria and business models that ensure long-term sustainability and enable strategic growth opportunities


Programme Certificate

Programme Certificate

Post Graduation Certification

Few Glimpses

Few Glimpses

of campus immersion

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What are you waiting for ?

What are you waiting for ?

Let's start your Learning Journey Today !

World-Class Faculty

World-Class Faculty

Learn from faculty members who bring a blend of theory and practice, and real-world examples relevant in the ever-changing business landscape to create a dynamic learning experience.

Programme Director

Prof. M Shameem Jawed

Associate Professor (F&A), IIM Visakhapatnam

An IIM Indore alumnus, Prof. Shameem holds a Ph.D. in Finance & Accounting and is renowned for his scholarly contributions and practical insights at IIM Visakhapatnam. His extensive experience spans academia and industry, with robust expertise in Corporate Finance, Financial Analytics, and Start-up Financing and Valuations.

Dedicated to education, he has delivered over 1,000 hours of teaching at premier institutions and has been trained at Harvard Business School in advanced teaching methodologies. At IIMV FIELD, he has significantly advanced entrepreneurship, securing funding from public and private entities, and mentoring over 150 startups through various stages of growth.

His strategic vision and research have shaped innovative management Programme, particularly for the BFSI sector, preparing professionals for a dynamic digital economy.

Programme Co-Director

Prof. Kaveri Krishnan

Assistant Professor, IIM Visakhapatnam

Prof. Kaveri Krishnan, as faculty of IIM Visakhapatnam, brings a rich blend of academic and industry expertise to the table.

With a Ph.D. from IIM Bangalore, her work delves deeply into credit rating effectiveness within India, exploring regulatory impacts and rating determinants.

Her industrial stint of three years, coupled with six years at IIM Visakhapatnam, endows her with a practical approach to teaching and research.

Prof. Krishnan’s courses in Corporate Finance and Risk Management are informed by her extensive research in Credit Rating, Corporate Finance, and Investments, making her an asset to the programme and its participants.

Campus Life @

Campus Life @

IIM Vishakhapatnam



Frequently Asked Questions

Q-01 : What will I receive by completing this Course?

Ans-01 : It’s a Post Graduate Certificate Programme from IIM-Visakhapatnam. You will receive the Certificate of Completion of the Programme.
You will also receive an offer to join the Executive Alumni of IIM-Visakhapatnam, by paying a one-time Executive Alumni membership Fee of Rs.10,000

Q-02 : Is it a 1 year programme or a short term programme?

Ans-02 : Ans: It is a 1 year programme.
The Course Start Date – April 14, 2024
The Course End Date – March 31st, 2025
Program Duration 1 Year

Q-03 : Will the classes be held in some specially designated centres in my City or will they be held Online?

Ans-03 : The Course will be delivered Live, Online direct to your Device, (ie. Laptop or Desk top, mobile etc which can be used to access the Internet)

There will be one Campus Immersion session of two days. This is optional. You will be free to decide if you would want visit the IIM-Visakhapatnam campus and interact with your fellow students and the esteemed Faculty by agreeing  to pay the Campus Immersion Fee of Rs.15000 +GST.

Q-04 : Will the classes be held every day? I am a working professional.

Ans-04 : No, the Classes will be held as per schedule only over the weekends. Typically the total duration of the classes will be between 2.5-3.75 hrs per week.

The Class schedules will be published well in advance.

Q-05 : How will this Course help my Career?

Ans-05 : Successfully completing the Course will enable you to earn a coveted Post Graduate Certificate from a top IIM.

Moreover, you will have the option of becoming a lifetime member of the Institute’s executive Alumni body and enjoy all the strengths of a top notch Peer group.

All of this is available to you at a very reasonable price.

Since the classes will be held over the weekend, it will not disturb your normal professional work either.

With this Course, you get even more. The Top 5 Participants will get an opportunity to work on a live Case with the esteemed Faculty of IIM-V. This is a special privilege that will strongly strengthen your Professional Profile

Q-06 : Do I have to pay the entire Fee in one go?

Ans-06 : For your benefit we have arranged that the Fee can be paid in three easy instalments. You don’t have the burden of paying the Fee at one go.

Q-07 : Do I have to give an exam to get admission in this Course.?

Ans-07 : No. We respect your professional experience.

You must be a Graduate from any recognized Indian University, with at least 3 years of Industry experience. You will have to submit a Statement of Purpose of not more than 300 words at the time of completing the Application.

The Institute has the right to take a final decision on your Application based on all the Documents submitted.

Q-08 : Who will teach us?

Ans-08 : The reputed Faculty of the Institute will be taking the classes.

Apart from them, top Industry specialists will also teach specific Topics such that you get an Industry Expert’s perspective as well.

Q-09 : How will the Course Assessment take place?

Ans-09 :Assessment will be mostly module-wise assessments, on our virtual proctored LMS 

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Learning Philosophy

Gain exclusive access to esteemed faculty through live work sessions and campus immersion.
Elevate your growth journey with our specialized career enhancers to supercharge your career.
Get certified and build credentials with top institutes at the end of your learning journey.
Access exclusive privileges and join the alumni ranks of the prestigious Universities across India.

Golden Circle Programme

Golden Circle Programme

'Golden Circle'- a ring of Alumni Benefit services, available lifelong to the Learners passing through the Platform Levensloop LEAP.

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